More than any other city, Berlin symbolises the radical changes & conflicting ideologies of the modern world. Its central part in shaping 20th century history has inevitably made it a hot destination for school groups from all over Europe, and in particular the United Kingdom.  Using national curricula for GCSE and AS/A2 level, BERLIN ALL-IN puts together packages which focus specifically on issues that are set to come up in exams, including but not restricted to:

  • The Kaiserreich
  • The Weimar Republic
  • Third Reich and the Holocaust
  • Red Berlin and the Cold War

All our guides are graduates, with a genuine passion for the history and culture of Berlin, and years of experience taking groups of all ages around the city. Our Tours give your students the chance to see where it all happened and understand how this history changed the world. BERLIN ALL-IN's bespoke service ensures that the specific demands of your group are precisely met.

We want your school group to make the most of the opportunity to learn, but we also want to make it fun. See our Making It Easy section, to find out how our inclusive packages can make organising a trip for your group as stress free as possible; so they - and you - get the most out of the time here, whether learning or relaxing.

French Cathedral | Französische Dom Gendarmenmarkt
Bode Museum Museum Island