Sachsenhausen was intended as the archetypal concentration camp. Its meticulous design blueprinted an institution of fear and murder which lasted for 9 years.

Sachsenhausen, the brainchild of Heinrich Himmler, marked the beginning of a new era of oppression. Not only did its design form a prototype, the camp also became the headquarters of the IKL (Inspektion der Konzentrationslager): the central administrative body in charge of the camp network.

The history of the site continued during the Cold War, as it became Soviet Special Camp No.7, and later a memorial in the GDR. Since the fall of the Wall, the site, now an exhibition and museum, exists as one of Europe’s most powerful reminders of the terrors of the 20th century.

Your tour with Berlin All-In will include the following:

Tour Sites:

  • The Concentration Camp Inspectorate, command centre of the entire network.
  • Commandant’s quarters, Command Centre, training grounds and SS living quarters.
  • Prisoner Barracks and living conditions.
  • Roll Call Yard
  • The ‘Jewish Barracks’
  • Camp Prison
  • British POWs
  • Operation Bernhard – history’s largest counterfeiting operation
  • Gallows
  • SS Vehicle Depot
  • Camp Construction
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Mass Murder in Station Z
  • Death Marches
  • Liberation of the Camp
  • Soviet Special Camp No. 7
  • Prisoner Work Details

Recommended time: 3 hours, plus travel to and from the camp (approx. 1 hour each way with one of our chartered coaches)

Please note that, although the camp itself will be open, the museum in Sachsenhausen is closed on Mondays.