Prussia was one of Europe's great superpowers. Its fascinating story is told through a breath-taking landscape of palaces and gardens.

With origins as a Slavic backwater, Prussia was an unlikely success story. However, since its foundation in 1701 Prussia has excelled as a military power; a centre of tolerance and beacon of social change; a leading light of the industrial revolution and, from 1871, the dominant power of a unified Germany. After the fall of the Hohenzollern dynasty in 1918, Potsdam was still to make an impact upon the world, as the venue of Hitler's 'Day of Potsdam' in 1933 and, following the defeat of the Nazis, of the Potsdam Conference in 1945.

Main sites:

Neuer Garten

  • Schloss Glienecke
  • Schloss Cecilienhof
  • The Marble Palace

Sanssouci Park

  • Schloss Sanssouci
  • Chinese Teahouse
  • Neues Palais
  • Orangery
  • The Church of Peace and Marly Gardens

The Dutch Quarter

Recommended Time: 4 hours, plus travel (approximately 45 minutes with one of our chartered coaches)

You may also also like to include:


  • Alexandrowka Russian Colony
  • Belvedere
  • Monegasque embassy


  • Military Orphanage
  • Town Palace
  • Church of St. Nicholas