Berlin, divided by The Wall, was the most famous city of the Cold War. Hear about the lives of those hidden behind the Iron Curtain.

While ideologies, deals and stand-offs were bandied between Washington and Moscow, spies ran through the streets of Berlin, hiding in the shadows of The Wall. This barrier, both physical and symbolic, separated communist East from capitalist West. For 28 years, Berliners on either side, formerly one people, moved in radically different directions.

Following the surprise fall of The Wall in 1989, the cold war lifestyle of East Berlin is disappearing. And yet the city cannot hide its past: East Berlin abounds with sites that allow us a glimpse of the realities of existence 'on the other side'. On this tour we will give you an insight into the life of Berlin during a conflict that threatened irreversibly to change the world as we know it.

Main Sites:

  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • Palace of Tears
  • Berlin Wall Memorial
  • Stasi Headquarters
  • Treptower Park Soviet War Memorial

Recommended Time: 4 hours

You may also like to include

  • Hohenschönhausen Stasi Prison
  • Glienicke Bridge – The Bridge of Spies
  • Soviet Embassy
  • Bornholmer Strasse
  • Atomic Bunker
  • Karl Marx Allee
  • Kino International
  • Café Moskau
  • TV Tower
  • East Side Gallery
  • Oberbaumbrücke
  • Teufelsberg - abandoned NSA spy station